Truly Living Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Did you know that Great Smoky Mountain National Park is one of the most popular National Park in the United States of America and attracts well over eleven-million annual visitors domestically and internationally? It gets more annual visitors than the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite combined.

smoky1Called the Smokies due to ever-present morning fog and elevations in the park range from 200 feet to well over 6,000 feet. The difference of elevations, the plentiful of rainfall, and the presence of ancient woodlands provide the park unusual richness of biota. Around 10,000 types of plants and creatures are known to live in the park, and gauges as high as an additional 90,000 undocumented species may likewise be available.

There are hundreds of miles of trails and unpaved roads for hikers to explore, including the seventy miles of Appalachian Trail. Another popular hiking trail led to the pinnacle of the Chimney Tops because of its unique dual-humped peak tops. In addition to day hiking, the national park offers opportunities for backpacking, camping, and fishing especially fly fishing which is the most popular activity in the national park due to its reputation for healthy trout population.


Imagine seeing elk in their natural habitat, hearing the sounds of mountain rivers, and enjoying a stress-free afternoon hiking to a waterfall. Why not spend a day touring Cades Cove and exploring the history and beauty of this pioneer community? When you’re done, wander down Little River Road and let the beauty all around you soak in.


America’s most visited national park, Great Smoky Mountains, is an ideal getaway for everyone. Hike, camp, and experience one of America’s oldest truly living mountain ranges.


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