Solo, Indonesia

Solo or Surakarta, a hidden gem in Central Java where often gets overlooked by tourists. Most people know Solo for its business than tourism but don’t worry I will give a list of great things to do in Solo.

1. Klewer Market

Solo is famous for its quality Batik and Klewer market is a traditional market where you can find different qualities of Batik. Make sure you spend some time here and you will find nice batik for you or gifts.

2. Pasar Triwindu

The market is strategically located in the city center makes it very easy to access. For antique lovers, this market has a lot to offer. Simply walk around and you might find something valuable to bring home.

3. Laweyan Batik Village

Look no further if you want to look the best of the best Batik. Laweyan village is known for its history, small alleys with old buildings that makes you feel like in the past. If you have time, you could learn how to make batik and its process.

4. Royal Palace

Kasunanan Palace, keep in mind that there are some places that are not allowed to enter like the residence of the King. But you are allowed to enter in public spaces like pavilion in Sasana Sewaka. There are many collections such as royal carriages, palanquins, sculptures, ancient weapons and others at the museum in Kasunanan area.


Mangkunegaran Palace, a beautiful and majestic palace. There are many valuable collections and it’s believed to come from Majapahit era and Mataram Palace.


5. Culinary

Solo is well known for its local food. One should try the Nasi Liwet, Serabi Solo, and Sate Buntel.


So I have told the story, now it is your turn to see and experience it yourself.


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