Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung, located about 180 kilometers southeast of Jakarta is a popular weekend destination due to its cooler climate of the highland plantation area, varieties of local food, affordable fashion shops and home to numerous old Dutch architecture buildings. For first-time visitor, I have narrowed down a few significant outdoor sites near Bandung include the Tangkuban Perahu volcano crater is about 20 km to the north, the striking Kawah Putih volcano lake is about 40 km to the south, and Patenggang Lake.

Tangkuban Perahu


Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih


For food lovers, Bandung offers a wide variety of places to eat ranging from travelling hawkers, warung food stalls to high-end eateries. A decent meal from a warung or simple restaurant is likely to cost less than Rp30,000 and high-end eateries in luxury hotels can cost several times higher.

Local cuisine is called Sundanese food, a few examples of local delicacy include bakso tahu also known as siomay, a steamed meat with or without tofu served with peanut paste, sweet soy sauce and lime. Batagor is similar to siomay but it is fried instead of being steamed. With a cooler weather in the evening, you might want to try Soto Bandung, a beef soup with soy beans and some vegetables.

Bandung has a lot to offer no matter you are in for a day or a week. The green lush of plantations, the people, food and its historic cultures will certainly make you come back for more.









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