The Great Buddha of Kamakura

The Great Buddha at Kotokuin is known as Kamakura Daibutsu. The height is 11.31 meters and the weight is about 121 tons. The construction of the bronze statue of Buddha as it appears today dates from 1252. Using JR pass, you can take the JR Yokosuka Line, which is a direct connection from Tokyo Station to Kamakura Station. The trip includes stops at Shinagawa, Yokohama, and Kita-Kamakura stations, and lasts approximately under one hour.

The entrance fee is :
200 Yen for adult
100 Yen for age 6-12.
Once you arrive in Kamakura train station, you have a few options to reach the Great Buddha.

By bus:
1. Take Enoshima Dentetsu bus at bay 1 or Keihin Kyuko bus at bay 6 at the east exit of Kamakura station.
2. Get off at Daibutsu-mae stop.

By train:
1. Take the train at Enoshima Dentetsu Kamakura station and get off at the third station Hase.
2. Walk approx. 7 min. from the station.

Happy traveling!


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  1. The town is awesome, small and quiet.


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